Everybody wins!

(From our partners at the WorkFaith Connection)

Today the most awesome thing happened.

 On Saturday at the Houston Money Week Event one of our graduates, Jerry Class 75 from Travis, won the raffle of the bike Regions Bank donated to our Quadrant. The bike however, was still in the box unassembled.

 Since Monday Jim McCaskill from Junior Achievement has been trying to work with Jerry to get him the bike. The arrangement came down to meeting Jerry at Lakewood Church today to pass on the bike.

 God so moved Jim’s heart when he realized there would be no way for Jerry to transport and assemble the bike, to take him to Academy and purchase him an assembled bike. (See attached photo). How amazing is that!!

 Jim brought the donated bike to Dacoma and we put it in storage. I spoke with our Quadrant lead, Courtney Taylor, and she agreed that we should donate the bike to Chain Reaction Ministries. They reach so many Houstonians that need transportation to and from work, and would have the manpower to assemble the bike.

 This was a win win day for everyone. Jim felt moved that this bike was for “someone”, and Chain Reaction Ministries is just the place for “someone” to receive it. Jerry has a bike to make his transportation easier. And I have such a warmness in my heart watching God move so lovingly through so many people to make all this fit together.

 Thank you Jim for your kindness. Thank you Courtney for your vision.

 In Christ,