It started with a single bike

Long time bicycle enthusiast, David Finklea, has spent many days repairing and riding bicycles of all types and sizes. Combined with his own personal collection of bikes, his network of other bike enthusisasts, and his two children, there were always more than enough bicycles in his garage.

In 2009, CRM founder, David Finklea, received a call to action from his home church to donate bicycles to a family with 4 kids at the local homeless shelter. He fixed up his son’s old bike that was collecting dust in his garage and called the minister to provide a donation. Fortunately, the church had already donated 4 new bikes to the kids in need, but what was he to do with his son’s bike? He didn’t want to give it to a place that would simply re-sell it. He wanted to pay it forward.

So he emailed his friends, colleagues, and bicycle enthusiasts, and ended up with 12 bikes, repaired 5, and donated them to the Westside Homeless Partnership. He had paid it forward and felt his job was complete.

Until he learned about Irma. One of his donations changed her life. Two adult mountain bikes went to Irma and her husband.  Westside Homeless Parntership had helped the woman find work at Spring Branch Medical Center. She lived a little less than 5 miles away from work, where her shift started at 5:30am. It took her 45 minutes on public transportation or by foot to get to work. She was regularly late and at risk of losing her job. The bike allowed her to cut her commute to 20-25 minutes, and be on time. 

She now had freedom and hope that she could help provide for her family and start their lives over.

Since, Irma, many communities have come together through Chain Reaction Ministries to help thousands of families like Irma’s and transform lives through the simple gift of a bike.